Anne McCrady


Spinning in space—

land and sea,

land and sea—

our green and blue

unisphere resists

the invisible geometrics

of men’s frith and faith,

those boundaries of black

magic powder that transform

rivers, valleys, mountain passes

into great divides.

On maps and globes, panoramas

only God could promise

are hemmed by politics.

Nations are sutured

back together after war.

Highways bisect vistas

that once curved

with the turn, turn

of the earth. Whole peoples

keep their patriotic toes

on one side of a line,

and everyone knows

which things are yours,

which things are mine…

but loose stones roll unaware.

Breezes blow in all directions.

Geese swim the river.

Dogs pass through checkpoints.

Children climb over a wall.

And each time Hope,

that woman who knows no borders,

crosses to the other side.


       from Under a Blameless Moon (Pudding House, 2008)

   Angela O'Donnell Bronxsville, NY
There are a million ways to slaughter
      innocents, our sons and daughters.

      Children bursting into flame
      give common death another name:

      whispers Vietnam.

      hisses bone and ash.

      signs the blinding flash.

     They run from war to war to war
     and cry for peace, our ancient yearning.

     Again we set their world on fire.
     Again they can’t stop burning.


Donna Bowling

We walked the Wildflower Center’s
graveled paths, where flowers
waved shyly in the sunshine,
and a spring bubbled,
Adrian, child of Romania, and
I, a much older child of America.
My childhood memories of
food and family,
so different from his,
forged in the time of
Nicolae, the despot and orphan maker,
who sowed violence and reaped death.
Wide-eyed, Adrian said he had
never seen such a place.
I responded that you need peace
for flower gardens to flourish.

Jackie Mills
I Pray Each Day For You   

Are you safe tonight?
Will this blanket of stars
Keep you warm
Guard and protect you
From every harm
Can you rest tonight?
Will a hard earthen bed
Bring you sleep
Keep you from dreams
That made you weep
I pray each day for you  
Keep them safe bring them home
To the ones they love true
I pray for the red, white and blue
As I pray for peace
As I pray for you
Are you lonely tonight?
Will your thoughts be of me
Of the memories we share
Dreams built on air
I pray that you care
Do you dread the dawn?
With the battle renewed
Will the fight ever end
When, Dear God, when
But, until then
I pray each day for you  
Keep them safe bring them home
To the ones they love true
I pray for the red, white and blue
As I pray for peace
As I pray for you


Cleatus Rattan

After five years a Marine, three years
between visits, he appears to his family:
visitation by a stranger in a well-lighted room.
Back slaps, like shocking thunder,
boom in his ears while black eyes
in white faces, eyes he can see himself in,
try to take him in.  He slips back
to dark nights where brothers
from a larger family looked up
at white stars, too many to count,
at slivers of light flickering off
never fully known.

Kathe Luetgens
Hug O' War

I will not play at at tug O' War
I'd rather play at  a hug O' War
Where everyone hugs instead of tugs
Where everyone giggles and falls on the rug
Where everyone kisses and everyone grins
And everyone cuddles and everyone wins

Gaylia Dalton
Guru Guide

The car door slams
On Delta's blond tail.
She screams.
The door opens.
I pull my dog to me,
hold her close
all the way across town.
At the church she wags her tail,
forgiving everyone.

Gaylia Dalton

Slicing a key lime for tea
soft air lifts across the gulf stream
at sunrise

Thom the World Poet

My mother knits as she watches TV
donates these clothes to charity
We volunteered for a Food Pantry.
Our friends are cyclists,pedestrians
organic gardeners,artists-all of which spell peace
in word,image,action,speech
Examples of how we need to link-
There is an art to making quilts-
like pieces of people's lives and histories,
they weave collectively with color in pieces
to make a bigger ,brighter peace.
It is what you make with energy and time
with applied heart and focused mind-
attunement,meditation,patience and being kind
allow gentleness both space and time
We learn these by example when
our parents,lovers,companions,friends
spend time to show us in their life
how to embrace harmony over strife
Our children ,too,will ask of you-
"what did you do to let peace through?"
And we will show them our creations
for art and peace make a wiser nation.