7th flight
will be available at the Concert


1000 Dove Project
by Amy Flinn

6th Flight!!!! (2015)

5th Flight!  (2014)

4th Flight!!!! (2013)

3rd Flight!!!! (2012)

2nd Flight   (2011)

1st Flight   (2010)

Peace Doves

This work began as my effort to raise funds for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Central Texas. I thought making doves that could be used singly or in groupings as ornaments or chimes might be a way I could contribute to the Art of Peace Festival.
My goal was to make 100 doves. During the initial work I was inspired by memories of the chains of origami cranes at St. Paul ’s Chapel, New York (across from the World Trade Center... But “peace cranes” come in groups of 1000.  So, the project evolved into a work which will encompass creation of 100 doves each year for 10 years.
Each “flight” of 100 will be different – in design or glaze and will hang publicly only once – at the Art of Peace Festival. The doves will be freed from the flight by donation (suggested $5.00 per dove).
Each dove comes with a short explanation of the work.
This is flight one (or "How I Spent My Summer Vacation").

Amy Flinn

Information about origami cranes at St. Paul's Chapel:

Information about peace cranes:

A limited amount of Art of Peace Chapbooks will also be available!!!